Food and exercise alone may only sometimes be sufficient to help you achieve the body of your dreams. Modern treatments like lipo cavitation can help in this situation. But most modern, non-invasive procedures come at a cost, so it makes sense to consider the price of lipo cavitation. So without much ado, let’s dive into how much you’re likely to part with when undergoing a lipo cavitation procedure. You’ll also learn more about the factors that affect lipo cavitation cost at renowned medical spas, such as Beverly Hills Med Spa.

How Lipo Cavitation Works

Before we delve into the cost of lipo cavitation, let us first understand what it is. Lipo cavitation is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure using ultrasonic waves to disintegrate stubborn fat cells and help you get a slimmer, chiseled body. The procedure is also known as ultrasonic lipo cavitation.

Low-frequency ultrasound pulses are used during the operation to create bubbles to develop in the fat cells. When these air bubbles pop, the fat cells disintegrate and leave the body through the lymphatic system. 

Although the efficacy of this treatment is difficult to assess, a recent study appears promising. A small 2019 research on the efficiency of ultrasonic cavitation on 50 medically obese women was examined by Trusted Source. The second half of the women paired a low-calorie diet with radiofrequency and ultrasound body-shaping procedures. On the other hand, the first half of the women followed a low-calorie diet exclusively. After five weeks, the women who got ultrasonic cavitation showed decreased body fat mass. Surprisingly, they lost body fat instead of more weight than the other group.

One more small study in 2007 monitored 30 individuals who had undergone an ultrasonic cavitation body sculpting treatment. All individuals noticed a decline in body fat mass after three treatments. The size of the treated body fat area decreased by 1 to 3 cm at the study’s conclusion. This study also demonstrated that participants lost fat rather than weight.